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Regional Natural Park of Armorique

Located in the Finistere, the park is the 2nd Armorique regional park to be created in France in 1969.

Monts d'arrée et montagne St Michel

Lying on 172 000 hectares, of which 60 000 hectares in maritime space until isobath - 30 meters, the Regional Natural Park of Armorique, has 52 000 inhabitants spread over 39 member municipalities, including Brest statutorily linked and 4 others Commons: Landerneau, Carhaix, Chateauneuf du Faou and Conquest.



It has a wide variety of landscapes, environments and activities representative of the diversity landscape, ecological, economic and cultural life of Britain.



The park covers a very mixed, which is divided into 4 areas:



Mountains of Arrée

A walk along the ridges of arid mountains Arrée is the promise of a world total. Offering superb views of the region, these rounded mountains and ancient carved by time peak at 384 meters. With their hérissées rocks in the middle of the open land, they are wild and mysterious aspect brings to mind some landscapes Welsh or Irish. A loss to deploy lunar landscape, where no one would dream of surprise emergence of beings of legend.






The sea of Iroise

It is the largest field of seaweed in Europe and most species of fish in the Atlantic French are represented. Large colonies of marine mammals such as seals and dolphins have chosen to live in protected waters of the archipelago of Verbascum, labeled with Ushant "Biosphere Reserve" by Unesco. Others anticipates travelers: Ouessant rail is one of the most maritime passages in the world.

The peninsula Crozon

It is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes. The Marine Morgat caves and cliffs on the path of the Goat, where outcropping of amethyst crystals are geological curiosities. At the edge of the moors of the peninsula, a small wild flower adapted itself unusual: a protected species, the crozonnaise, brings a touch of blue in this rare type of vegetation.

The Maritime Alder

It ensures the transition between the bay of Brest and the Canal de Nantes to Brest, between mountains and Arrée Ménez-Hom. Estuary of one of the largest coastal rivers Breton, the inlets offer local wildlife a wide variety of habitats, through its rich environment that oscillates between land and sea, freshwater and saltwater. Here alternate salt marshes, salt marshes, mudflats, lagoons, dunes and coniferous forests. Little known, this place particularly conducive to hiking yet merit a detour.

Carte du parc naturelle d'Armorique - finistère - Bretagne

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